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February is Dental Month!

Pet Dental Care in Charlotte, NC.

When you are a responsible cat or dog owner, it's important to get your pet regular teeth cleaning. Whether you have a small cat that needs teeth removal, or are looking at more extensive dental surgery for your pet, our veterinary clinic, Quail Hollow Animal Hospital is the answer. With our state-of-the-art equipment and gentle touch, we are ready to handle the dental needs of your dog or cat today.

dog holding a tooth brush

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Routine Dental Care for Your Dog or Cat

In general, you should bring your dog or cat in for a dental cleaning once a year. If you have a smaller dog or a dog that suffers from gum disease, your veterinarian may suggest more frequent visits. While getting a dental cleaning, the vet will look for potential problems with your pet's teeth and gums. when you can catch a problem early, your pet has a better chance at good oral health.

Dental Care at Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital

Just like people, the health of your pet can suffer if you don't get your pet regular dental care. If your dog suffers from gum disease, this can lead to more serious systemic infections. While you may not be able to ask your pet about dental issues, there are signs that your pet is having problems with their teeth or gums. The signs of poor oral health include:

  • Bad breathe that never seems to go away.
  • Lots of drooling.
  • Unidentified lumps in the mouth.
  • Swollen gums.
  • Trouble eating crunchy food.
  • Teeth that have become loose. 

If you notice that your pet has suddenly stopped eating, this may be a problem with their oral health. Check your pet's mouth to see if there are any obvious problems such as infection or broken tooth. If you are not sure what the problem is, it's time to bring your pet into our veterinary hospital to see what's wrong.

Visit Our Pet Dental Care Vet in Charlotte, NC for Your Pet's Dental Needs

When you need dental care for your dog or cat, it's time to call Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital at 704-278-8000 to see how we can help. Whether you need standard dental care for your pet or your animal is having a dental emergency, we will work hard to provide you with the services you need.